Ranganathan Society: NGO


Ranganathan Society for Social Welfare & Library Development is a non- profit organization, which came into existence in 2009. It is primarily aimed at development of libraries in rural areas and helping the poor sections of the society in availing employment opportunities. The vision of the society is “To improve the proficiency level of rural students by providing essential educational resources.” The society is working towards achieving its mission,” To facilitate the dissemination of knowledge and information at the grass root level by setting up libraries in the rural areas”. It is motivating the under privileged students in villages in developing reading and learning skills to avail competitive employment opportunities and lead a dignified social life.

The society is fully initiated and run by the students and alumni of BIMTECH along with the support of the faculties. Dr. H. Chaturvedi Director-BIMTECH, is the head of this society who encourages each and every initiative taken by the students. BIMTECH supports the NGO by providing essential educational resources to rural students to improve their proficiency level. Various teams for visiting, career counseling, logistics, Donation, Campaign and Media are formed among the students and different activities are being carried out


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