My Experience @ University of East London: 6th week (July 07 to July 11, 2014)

July 7, 2014

Developing Leadership

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Today we fellows attended workshop on “Developing Leadership” conducted by Fiona McPhail, Chartered FCIPD (McPhail Watmore Associates Limited) along with other nine IT & library professionals.

Who is good leader and who is good manager. What is the difference between both of them? All these doubts were clear during today’s workshop. In nutshell : all Management is associated with tasks, targets, budgets, policies, procedures and keeping things steady where as leadership is associated with vision, inspiration, potential and change.

Managers maintain things, leaders change things…

The Autocrat leaders are self-centred and allow their team members to contribute little. They can be seem overbearing and domineering in approach. And leaders of this category act as judge and jury.

The Abdicrat leaders are those who don’t seem interested an any in depth exploration ofthe problem and are likely to accept the first solution that anyone puts forward. Leaders of this category are poor at giving feedback or direction and give the general impression that they want to get the whole thing over as soon as possible.

The third style of leadership is The Democrat. Their approach is marked by considerable participation and involvement by both parties. They actively seek information about any situation its causes and effects. They guide, encourage and support the team members to explore possible solution.

Apart from all these there were lot of interactive exercises were included in today`s workshop…It was really good learning….

July 8, 2014

HM Prison Maidstone

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Maidstone prison is situated on the northern edge of the County Town of Kent. It was completed in 1819 and was constructed from local Kentish ragstone quarried from the site, to a design by architect Daniel Asher Alexander, and was the most advanced model of its time.
Maidstone was primarily originally occupied by prisoners convicted of sex offenses. In January 2013 it was announced that Canterbury Prison would close and Maidstone would re-role to become a wholly Foreign National Prisoner establishment. This commenced in February and the last British prisoner left in September 2013. To date the new purpose of the prison has not been formally ratified and is still shown by HMP as a joint foreign national/sex offender establishment. Immigration/UKBA staff are now housed on-site to facilitate repatriation.

4 3
Since, I am associated with Ranganathan Society for Social Welfare and Library Development: NGO working in India for the prison libraries so I requested our Mentor to arrange a visit in any prison library of England. Any how she managed it and we got permission to visit HM Prison, Kent – Maidstone…I have visited many prisons in last three years in different part s of India. Trying to learn the prison systems, policies, services of different prisons and trying to understand the behavior of inmates. In India, I found that system is almost same everywhere..But when I visited HM Prison- it was really an eve opening experience for me. Totally different from India.
At present around 800 male inmates are housed in five cells. and in this high security prison did not see any security man with gun. Most of the female employees were on duty and they have made maximum use of IT for security and other purposes. Lots training programmes, skilled development programmes, educational schemes are going on there and apart from all these facilities a beautiful and fully computerized library is also there. This library is a part of public library and it contains all type of healthy literature books, cds`, DVDs, newspapers. They have a collection in almost 26 languages. I found some literature ob Premchand, Ravindra Nath Tegore, and Shardchand in Hindi language. Inmates can borrow 8 books at a time for 3 weeks and if conduct of any inmate is good then he can borrow DVD/ CD also. As per the policy, there should be 10 books for one inmate, so the total collection is more then 10,000 items and inmates get chance to visit library twice in a week. As per the information provided by the librarian, every prison in UK has this type of library.
I think Indian policy makers should think in this direction and should make it mandatory to open libraries in all prisons.

July 09, 2014

6 5
Manchester :

Are you found of bars, clubs, restaurants, nightlife? Or -You like shopping? Or-You’re into arts and culture?.Or You are passionate of sports? Or- mad of the outdoor life? Or a big lover of books, wants to know the history Or looking good place for education?
Then come to Manchester!!!!!
Very simply, whatever your interest, Manchester’s got it!
So, today going to Manchester till Friday evening to explore all…….

July 10, 2014

Salford University

8 7

Established is 1896 as Royal technical Institute and after a long glorious journey in 1967 it became university of Salford. It has around 20,000 students and is situated in 60 acres of parkland on the banks of the River Irwell. The University of Salford is a public university located in Salford, England, approximately 1.5 miles (2.4 km) west of Manchester city centre.


Today we visited to Salford Library and interacted with Julie Berry, University Librarian and other library members. During her presentation she told us about this university that is has around 20000 students including 3000 international students and around 2500 staff members. It has 4 colleges and 9 schools. During the presentation Julie discussed the main responsibilities of library. The University Library is responsible for manage the digital and physical collection, development of archive & institutional repository (USIR-University of Salford institutional repository), information and digital literacy for students, face to face IT support ect….

Fellows with Julie berry Fellows with Salford University Library Senior Management Team

After Julie`s presentation we went on library tour with Margaret.

With Margaret

With Margaret

After library tour, Regina Ferguson (Collections Manager), Angela Walker (Digital Library Manager), James Allen (E-Resource Manager) and Jenney McNally(Digital Librarian) gave presentations of their respective area.

Salford library is using ALMA software for library management and EPrint for institutional Repository. She shared about services, budget, usages and staffing also.

Two things really impressed me. First one, is the concept of library champions and another one is “who choose books better students, academicians or librarian”. Library champions are students who help in decision-making for library development. And though resources usage analysis, it was found that students are best chooser.

Salford Campus Media City, Manchester

Salford University has established a beautiful campus in the Media City of Manchester. Media City UK is a vibrant place in which to live, work, socialize and study. Home to major BBC and ITV departments, the University of Salford and over 80 businesses across the creative and digital sectors, MediaCityUK is recognised as one of the most innovative developments in Britain.
Today after visiting main campus we visited Media City and library of Salford campus.

With Library Manager Nichola
With Library Manager Nichola

Here our tour was arranged by Library Manager Nichola.
On the ground floor of the building, there is a cafe providing drinks, snacks and sandwiches, and one studio with live screen and all amenities and interactive tables, while on other floors library, reading rooms, meeting rooms are there.

July 11, 2014

University of Manchester

uni uni-1

Today, we fellows visited The University of Manchester with our mentor Gurdis. We visited main library (University of Manchester), Alan Gilbert Learning Commons, Library of Manchester business school after that we visited Central Public Library Manchester.

The University of Manchester build in 1924, is part of the prestigious Russell Group of universities, with outstanding facilities and the widest range of courses. It is highly respected across the globe as a centre of teaching excellence.

It is committed to world-class research, an outstanding learning and student experience, and social responsibility. And their goal is to achieve to become one of the top 25 research universities in the world by 2020.

University of Manchester Main Library

2 1

The University of Manchester Library is one of only five National Research Libraries. With more than 4 million printed books and manuscripts, over 41,000 electronic journals and 500,000 electronic books, as well as several hundred databases, the library is one of the best-resourced academic libraries in the country.

Lisa Donneley welcomed us and gave introduction to the Library, collection, range of services offered etc. Then she took us for the Library tour.

UoM-1 UoM-3

The University of Manchester Library holds one of the finest collections of rare books, manuscripts and archives in the world. The collections cover a wide range of subjects: theology and philosophy; literature, drama and music; art and archaeology; science and medicine; economic, social, political and military history; travel and exploration.

The Library’s manuscript collections cover more than fifty languages, including all the major European and Middle Eastern languages, and numerous Far Eastern ones. The subject range is vast, encompassing literary, historical, antiquarian, genealogical, biblical, devotional, ritualistic, medical, scientific, legal and administrative texts.


Alan Gilbert Learning Commons

learnig-4 learning-3

The Alan Gilbert Learning Commons is a state of the art study and learning centre in the heart of the university, an impressive atrium providing a social meeting space with wi-fi access and flexible study spaces and environments throughout the building. The tour of this library was guidance of Halen.

  This Library provides:

  • Exclusive group learning rooms

  • Flexible break out and work spaces with multimedia facilities

  • 400 fixed workstations with live update availability information so you don’t have to wait

  • MFD’s for print, scan and photocopying

  • WiFi access throughout the building including outdoor café areas

  • Charging stations to charge laptops, tablets and smart phones (remember your cable!)

  • Café and vending machine facilities

Manchester Business School Library

Fellows@Manchester_Business_School_with_Xia Hong MBS-1

Zia Hong, Head of the Eddie Davis Library, Manchester Business School spared her valuable time for us and she guided us the library tour.

The MBS library service provides a full range of research and information services to support all the learning, research and commercial activities of MBS. It also serves the wider business and management requirements of The University of Manchester and the external business and academic research communities.

MBS Library is a part of The University of Manchester Library which provides access to one of the largest collections of information resources (printed and electronic) in the country and is a nationally recognised leading research library. This library is has very rich collection of almost all important business online databases, company & industry profiles.

Being a librarian of management Institute, visit of this library is really going to benefit me in serving our users in better way.

Manchester Central Library


 It is the second largest public lending library in Britain, after the Library of Birmingham. The library collections include over 30 incunabula (books published before 1500) and many first and early editions of major works. The special collections include

  • The Gaskell Collection – works by Elizabeth Gaskell, one of the most important writers to have lived and worked in the city

  • The Theatre Collection – a record of the history of theatre in Manchester

  • The Newman Flower Collection of Handel Manuscripts

Dream to see same public library in INDIA also.



About Dr. Rishi Tiwari

Librarian at Birla Institute of Management Technology, Greater Noida. Presently at University of East London for three months Commonwealth Professional Fellowship Programe..
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